Week 5 Progress Report – Fiona and Gia

final mold design gesture detection We first found the thresholds for the four directions (left, right, forward, back) through trial and error and created conditions in the main loop to check for changes in the x, y, and z values that crossed these thresholds. We took inspiration for the algorithm from this paper: https://www.irjmets.com/uploadedfiles/paper/volume3/issue_2_february_2021/6052/1628083249.pdf Then,
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Infusing Art with Technology

Refik Anadol: Unsupervised—Machine Hallucinations What would a machine mind dream of after “seeing” the vast collection of The Museum of Modern Art? In other words, if the corpus of images of the MoMA collection had been accomplished by a single artist, what would their dreams look like? STATEMENT OF ARTIST INTENT Unsupervised is a meditation on
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Art & Design Inspirations

Fashion Bio-Inspired Wearable Robotics for Fashion Technology: SoftVoss This was an exhibit created by Dr. Yin Yu for the 2022 San Diego Design Week. In the video Dr. Yin Yu shares how to design a bird-feather-inspired wearable fashion technology with soft material, highlighting why biomimicry design in soft robotics creates engaging human-computer interaction empowering designers’
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