Infusing Art with Technology: Geemo

The project I chose to explore is Geemo: a flexible modular toy with magnetic limbs that attract and repel each other in unpredictable ways. The creator Cas Holman was inspired by natural patterns and was interested in designing units forming irregular patterns. Additionally, the magnetic limbs were left unmarked and uncolored because she felt there
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Lateral Literature Search Assignment

I first found a paper in IEEE that I thought was interesting: Soft, Wearable Robotics and Haptics: Technologies, Trends, and Emerging Applications [1]. This paper discussed current and future technologies for wearable soft robotics technologies considering factors such as functionality, wearability, and ergonomics. Some of these domains include rehabilitation and assistive devices, haptic interfaces, fashion,
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Research papers on soft robotics

A Design and Fabrication Approach for Pneumatic Soft Robotic Arms Using 3D Printed Origami Skeletons The paper proposes a design and fabrication process for flexible robotic arms using an origami method. The origami skeleton combined with a pneumatic actuation system allows for fast activation while retaining pressure and tension. Using 3D printing is also good
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