Project Overview – Dunn & Elliot

Soft-Actuation Based Dynamic Facade for Building Performance Our concept is to create a soft-actuation-driven dynamic architectural facade element that enhances building performance. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has established a goal for 2030: all proposed and built projects must be net-zero. Whether or not that is achievable is not within the scope of this
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Infusing Art with Technology – Dunn

Project: Al Bahar Towers ( Abu Dhabi (Completed June 2012) The Al Bahar Towers’ dynamic facade design drastically reduces the building’s direct solar exposure, internal heat gain, energy expenditure, and elemental damages such as sand erosion. The facade is an external curtain wall, offset from the glazing by two meters. The design of the panels
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Dunn Art and Design Inspirations

This is actually the project of my current architecture professor, the former head of the School of Architecture, Steve Lee’s project. It was done when he was a sophomore at CMU (1979), alongside other students; some became my other professors. This project investigates the affordance of using robust and elastic membrane materials to construct scaffolding,
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Dunn’s Peer Review

DOI: 10.1109/HSI47298.2019.8942609 No  No Knowledge  Though not related to soft robotics on the surface. This paper is the foundation for more human-soft-robots collaboration and interaction. The main concern of human-robot collaboration is safety, as typical robots are made from hard materials, which can easily cause major damage to the human body. Soft, complaint materials, combined with
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Qiyuan (Dunn)’s Blog Post for HW1

Paper 1 Venous Materials: Towards Interactive Fluidic Mechanisms Synopsis: Venous Materials are a novel concept of an interactive material using fluidic mechanisms that responds to deformations generated by user. Hila Mor, Tianyu Yu, Ken Nakagaki, Benjamin Harvey Miller, Yichen Jia, and Hiroshi Ishii. Venous Materials: Towards Interactive Fluidic Mechanisms. In Proceedings of the 2020 CHI
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