Final Project Documentation

Each final project requires an accompanying report submitted as a post to the course site. The primary purpose of the report is to present the project as a complete inquiry which relates soft technology research to creative design outcomes. Please focus on the successful transfer of research literature to a final product rather than development narrative; please carefully consider whether specific mistakes and diversions would be enlightening to the reader before including them.

Overall, it should address the techniques gleaned from published literature, your creative choices in reframing the application of those techniques, a concise summary of the refined process, a discussion of the design language made available using the technique, and comments on how future work would further improve the result.

The final artifacts serve as evidence of both the technique and your creative applications. Please include photos and a video (one to four minutes long) which illustrate key aspects of the soft technology process and the final artifacts.

Please include enough technical documentation that a person skilled in the art can understand the design and construction of the project. This might include attached CAD and code files.

Checklist for Final Project Documentation

  1. Please include a final title for the work.

  2. A clear statement of the project objectives in a few sentences.

  3. A reflection on the creative design opportunities, i.e., the use of soft technologies for expressive purposes.

  4. A discussion of outcomes: the successes and failures of your choices. What did you learn?

  5. A one to four minute video. Please embed your video so it can be watched directly from the post. The easiest way to do this is to host it on a third-party site (e.g. YouTube). Videos hosted directly on the course site should be .mp4 files and use the appropriate inline video block. N.B. hosted QuickTime .mov files cannot be embedded.

  6. Citations to related work.

  7. Supporting technical documentation.

    1. All program source code should provided as an uploaded zip file.

    2. All original mechanical CAD files should be uploaded in the original format packaged in a single zip file.

    3. Photographs posted inline to highlight specific design elements. Please make sure all photos present at a legible size, and if scaled, link to the underlying media file.

  8. For each group member, a list of specific technical and artistic contributions attributable to that member.