Project: Weekly Reports

As we move ahead into the longer project it is too easy for the objectives to get lost amidst the weekly mire of class deadlines. For this reason, I am asking each group to post a brief progress report each week summarizing the current progress and stating new week-by-week objectives. We will continue the same twin track thinking of developing a broad narrative while focusing tightly on realizable goals.


  1. The fundamental objective remains completing a design study motivated by research.

  2. It has become clear that each group can achieve a functioning demonstration of an innovative solution.

  3. Creating a trail of progress documentation will provide essential support for writing the final report.


This is a group exercise. Each team will work collaboratively to:

  1. Reflect on weekly incremental progress,

  2. candidly identify and explain missed objectives,

  3. identify new questions raised by intermediate results.

  4. identify realizable week-by-week goals,

  5. and incrementally refine the specific artistic or design project narrative.

Note: acceptable reasons for missed objectives should report on difficulties of the work, not your schedule. E.g., missing materials, experimental failure, new discoveries, technical difficulties are valid reasons, but not.

Deliverables: write a short collaboratively-authored blog post with your results and be prepared to make brief comments in class. Please be sure to:

  • include a brief paragraph summarizing weekly results

  • include supporting photos, videos, and sketches,

  • list new objectives for the upcoming week,

  • if needed, include a purchasing list.