Day 7: (Wed Feb 8, Week 4) Project Pitches

Notes for 2023-02-08.

The main objective for today is focusing our scope to five specific project ideas and forming project pairings. We can then identify specific experiments and find supportive literature.

New Assignments

  1. New individual assignment, due Monday: Part A: Silicone Actuator Design. If you do not have any 3D CAD experience, please let me know and we’ll discuss workarounds or schedule some tutorials.

  2. New pair assignment, due Monday: discuss your project ideas, negotiate a common vision, and come to class prepared for an individual discussion. Please be sure to draw some new sketches and be ready to discuss them.


Upcoming class lab schedule:

  • Wed Feb 8, Day 7: form project pairs

  • Mon Feb 13, Day 8: SolidWorks mold design tutorial

  • Wed Feb 15, Day 9: mold design review

  • Mon Feb 20, Day 10: silicone mixing and molding workshop


  1. Project pitches.

  2. Discussion of artistic intent.

  3. Discussion of means and methods.

  4. Partner pairing negotiation.

  5. Partner introductions.