Day 6: (Mon Feb 6, Week 4) Art, Design, and Technology

Notes for 2023-02-06.

New Assignments

New assignment due Wednesday: please prepare a brief pitch for a specific project you’d like to develop, either refining one of your previous ideas or choosing a new one. Please include at least one detailed sketch showing a visual representation and be prepared to explain your idea.


  1. Comments on course direction.

    • clarifying design or art objectives

    • narrowing to specific technical experiments

    • pair projects, choosing partners on Wednesday

  2. Review of art, design, and technology exercise.

  3. Question: what’s the right first test?

  4. Discussion.

  5. Mid-class break.

  6. Discussion of class resources and fabrication approaches.

  7. Brief overview of silicone fabrication, using product videos from Smooth-On: