Casting Equipment

Lab Equipment

  1. Digital scale

  2. Vacuum chamber with pump

  3. Small aquarium

General Silicone Casting Supplies

  1. Small kits of platinum-cure silicone in different hardnesses

  2. Silicone pigment in several colors

  3. Release agent spray

  4. Disposable mixing containers

  5. Disposable mixing sticks

  6. Disposable gloves in different sizes

  7. Pneumatic barb fittings to cast into structures

  8. Syringes, tubing, pneumatic fittings

  9. Syringes with blunt needle tips (for material or air injection)

Other Casting Supplies

  1. Stiffening materials? Sleeving? Fabric? Mesh? Paper?

  2. Wax for mold cores?

Future Wishlist

  1. Gallium or other liquid metal

  2. Spin-coating centrifuge

  3. Curing oven

  4. CNC machine for material injection