Day 10: (Mon Feb 20, Week 6) Workshop: Silicone Mixing and Pouring

Notes for 2023-02-20.

New Assignments

  1. New pair assignment, due Wednesday: please post a summary of your project idea and come prepared to share it with the class. Please include new sketches, a plan for your first design experiment, and one or more citations of related technical papers.


  1. The first half of class will be a practical hands-on workshop in lab procedure, silicone mixing, and pouring. We will temporarily move to HL A5.

    1. Discussion of the plans for the lab.

    2. Assessment of available molds.

    3. Calculation of total part mass.

    4. Demonstration of the setup, measurement, and mixing of a silicone batch.

    5. References: Silicone Rubber Procedure, S23 materials guide

    6. Demonstration of pouring.

    7. Individual mold pouring.

    8. Lab cleanup and storage.

    9. On Wednesday we will demold and bond your parts.

  2. Mid-class break and return to HL A10.

  3. Review and individual discussion of project plans for each pair. You’ll be free to go or work after I talk to you.