Day 14: (Mon Mar 13, Week 9) Mid-Term Milestones

Notes for 2023-03-13.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment, due Mon Mar 20: Project: Weekly Reports


I have several possible objectives on my own agenda, let’s discuss whether these would be relevant to your agenda:

  • point-to-point radio communications using nRF24L01 (e.g. RF24 library on Arduino or CircuitPython_nRF24L01 on Pico)

  • sample design for two-part molds

  • sample design for pneumatic manifold

  • sample design for fiber embedding

  • casting reference samples of different silicone materials

  • soft sensor using conductive fluid


  1. Welcome to the second half!

  2. Main questions for today:

    • brainstorming concrete list of milestones with each group

  3. Individual Group Discussions

    1. Tactile Garden

    2. Auxetic Architectural Materials

    3. Finger Exoskeleton

    4. Sea Anemone

    5. Wearable Telepresence