Assignment 3- Tanushree Mediratta

I decided to use one of my favorite songs – We No Speak Americano (by Yolanda), as my original signal. In addition to convolution, I also periodically varied the amplitude of the convolved signal which added an interesting “twisted” effect to the resulting signal.

The original version of the song sounds like this:

(you could also hear this on youtube)


The first IR I used was a recording of the popping of the balloon in the CFA hallway, which sounded like this:


After convolving my first IR with my original signal, the resulting music sounded like it was coming from a distance or getting reverberated in a large room:


The second IR was a recording of the popping of the balloon near the stairwell in Baker Hall:


The convolution of Papa Americano with IR2 was less muffled since the ‘pop’ of the balloon was more defined and the sound was contained within a short span of time:


For my third IR, I recorded myself clapping twice- the first clap being louder then the second one:


When I convolved my original signal with the third IR, it produced an effect of an echo because I was essentially convolving my signal with two claps (impulses) at different times:


My fourth IR was created by extracting a piano piece from another song in my playlist- a mashup created by Conor Maynard:


On convolving this piano piece with my song, I got an abstract sound that was pleasing to the ear:


Lastly, for fun, I decided to convolve a convolved signal with my original signal. So, I decided to use the signal which was produced by convolving my original song with my claps, as my IR. The end product was surprisingly good:


Below is my Max code: