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Jonathan Namovic Project 1- Launch Pad

For my project 1 I decided to try and make an instrument out of my computer. I separated out the keys into distinct regions and assigned them midi values based on where they were on the keyboard. I then used these note values in different modes to produce different sounds. I also included a boomerang effect that allows the user to record a short piece of audio and then the patch loops it and repeatedly plays it. I created ten drum sound effects by filtering noise in different ways. The main instrument portion is a square wave filtered in a similar way to make the note sound less harsh. The last mode is a saw tooth tremolo that repeated plays the same not so long as it is held. The launch pad is polyphonic and can export the sound in the loop buffer.

A short example piece that has been layered three times

main patch code:

note maker code:

drum patch code:

saw tooth tremolo code:

Assignment 4- Jonathan Namovic

For assignment 4 I took the piece “Pa Pa Papageno” from the opera The Magic Flute and separated the frequencies using a PFFT so that all frequencies within the human vocal range were allocated to one matrix and all other frequencies were allocated to another matrix.  I took these two matrices and used an altered version of the patch from class to create two groups of shapes, green polyhedrons and red cubes. The red cubes fluctuate in size with the orchestra, and the green polyhedrons fluctuate with the opera singers.