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Assignment 3: Convolve it

Due Oct 2

Transform an audio signal by convolving it with four different Impulse Response recordings. You should make at least two of your IR recordings by using portable audio recorders to record the reverberations of a “pop” in two different acoustic spaces. Try to find unique acoustic spaces that will create interesting reverberations. The other two IR recordings can be more experimental. For example, one can got interesting results by treating musical sounds as if they were IR recordings.

To deliver your work present:

• The original signal
• The original signal convolved through 4 different IR recordings
• The 4 IR recordings, and a brief description of how they were produced

Convolution of images is acceptable as well if you’re interested in doing a visual version of this project.

Assignment 2 – A time machine

Due 9/18

Assignment 2 will be our first project that is created and delivered using Max. The goal of this assignment is to create a signal processing system that employs time shifting in some way. Feel free to incorporate other techniques we’ve looked at as well, such as feedback or down-sampling. Or explore independently and add whatever you like. Your system can work with audio, video, control data, or perhaps all three.

As with all our assignments deliver your work by creating a post on the website and submitting the link to your post in Canvas. Be sure to include your code in your post.

Assignment 1 – Feedback with found systems

Due Sept 6

In 1914 Marcel Duchamp produced his first “readymade” – artwork made from things he found lying around (bottles, shovels, a coat-rack, & cetera).  For this assignment you are going to use a readymade system – a signal processing system that you find lying around.  Your “found system” could be on the internet, in one of your classrooms, in your telephone…  It could be a photocopier, an online tool that transforms text or images, a plug-in or filter in an app, a toy that transforms sounds, etc.

Like Alvin Lucier’s I am sitting in a room, you are going to use this system over and over and until your original signal is destroyed.  Present each generation of the transformed signal so we can see/hear it evolve.

Your signal can be text, sounds, images, video – or something else.  Win big on the “concept” section of this assignment by thinking of something we didn’t see coming.

Post your documentation on the class website along with a little description of what you did.  Tag your post “Assignments” (see here for more details on posting to the site).  And enter a link to your post on Canvas.