Assignment 3 – Will Walters

My original signal is a demo version of the song ‘You or your Memory’ by The Mountain Goats.

The original:


My first two signals were created by popping a balloon from the other side of a door as the recorder, and by recording the sound through Snapchat, then playing it back.

Here’s the IR and the song from the other side of a door:


And here’s the IR and the song through Snapchat:


Next, I used as my IR the sound of me knocking on my desk with my recorder pressed to the desk. There was a plate on my desk, and the sound of a fork rattling on the plate creates a pitch.

Here are the IR and the song convolved with this IR:

I was a bit disappointed to see that it sounded similar to the first two, but it is cool to note that the frequency from the fork and plate cause a resonance in the song.


Finally, I recorded a short clip of myself eating yogurt and used that as the IR. I’d like to thank my roommate for donating his yogurt for the sake of art. Here’s that IR and the resulting song:


Sorry that the IR for this is so gross. But, the different spikes in the yogurt IR do create a cool preverb effect in the song.