Assignment 4 – Adam J. Thompson

I’ve used this assignment as an opportunity to continue my explorations of the writings of Virginia Woolf as transformed by digital mediums, as well as to better understand how to use a spectral system to create audio-responsive visuals.

I began by reviewing Jesse’s original shapes/ducks/text patch and reconstructing through the components of the PFFT~ one by one in order to understand how they work together toward being written into a matrix. I subsequently created a system outside of the PFFT~ subpatch which randomly pulls a series of lines from Woolf’s novels and renders them as 3D text to a sequence.

The only extant recording of Woolf speaking about the identities of words activates the PFFT~ process, and the resulting signals control the scale of the text. The movement of the text uses Jesse’s original Positions subpatch, but filtered through a new matrix used to control the number of lines which appear at any given time.

At the top of her recording, Woolf says, “Words…are full of echoes, memories, associations…” and I aimed to create a visual experience which reflects this statement as an interplay between her own spoken and written words.

I spent some time altering various parameters – size of the matrices, size of the text, amount of time allotted to the trail, swapping the placement and scaling matrices, etc – in order to achieve different effects. Some examples of those experiments are below.

Here’s the recording of Virginia Woolf.

Here’s the gist.