Project 1: Enhance It! – Anish Krishnan

As I make a lot of videos and short films in my free time, anything related to processing videos excites me, so I really wanted to learn how to use the computer vision object built into Max. For this project I used the cv.jit.faces object to be able to alter a face in a movie by either blurring it or placing a virtual spotlight on it. First, I downscale the image to 1/5th of its original size, then convert it to greyscale, and run it through the cv.jit.faces object. I use the output matrix to determine the positions of the face and accordingly place a blurred image with an alpha layer that I made on top of the face or add a spotlight. I hope you like my project!

Original Image:

Blurred Face:

Enhanced Face/Spotlight

Google Drive Link to Code AND Necessary Media:


The code:

The helper patch “process”: