Two-person synth – JEENA

I built a system that uses two Kinects to track the movements of two dancers, a digital synthesizer that generates sound solely depend on the skeleton data, and a particle pattern visuals that changes based on both the skeleton data and the sound itself.

For the Kinect part, I use the head height of two users, and the distance between their hands, and their body left-right positions. In order to create the best performance, if any of those data from one of the Kinects stops changing, which indicate the person might have moved out of the range of the Kinect, I reset the values of the sliders that is sending midi data to the synthesizer, so that the filters might not be accidentally set to a very low point.

For the synthesizer part, I strip the sound into two parts — one is manipulated by the filters, and one is not to decrease the chance that the sound might be completely turned off during the performance. The synthesizer has 13 presets that allow people to choose from as starting point.

In the particle pattern visuals, the pattern is distorted by the sound, and the size of the pattern is controlled by one of the dancers. Also, depend on where the two dancers are at, the particles will move left or right with the dancers.