Adam J. Thompson – Final Project – Body Paint

Body Paint is the visual component of a commission from the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in collaboration with three sound artists from the School of Drama.

The project is an interactive experience which uses the Kinect 2 to transform each participant’s head, hands, and feet into paintbrushes for drawing colored lines and figures in space. Each session lasts for one minute, following which the patch clears the canvas allowing a new user to take over and begin again.

Participants might attempt to draw representational shapes, or perhaps dance in space and see what patterns emerge from their movements.

The user’s head draws in green, the left hand in magenta, the right hand in red, the left foot in orange, and the right foot in blue.

Body Paint will be installed in the Museum in late January for a currently undefined period of time, free for participants to wander up to, discover, and to experience during their visit.

Visual documentation of the patch in presentation and patcher modes and a video recording of the results of my body drawing in space are below.

The Gist is here.