Final Project – Isha Iyer

For my final project I decided to explore more ways of using the leap motion sensor to control different elements of drawing. I made a game through which the coordinates of a hand are tracked to translate to both a rotation and resizing of a square to match up with a target square. When the squares are matched sufficiently, it moves to another one. I have attached a demo of me playing this.

I was also very interested in learning more about different uses for the machine learning patch. I trained the leap motion to detect three different hand gestures: a palm facing down, a fist and a “c” for camera. As shown in the demo below, when I make a “C” with my hand, I am able to take pictures with the camera. I can then use my left hand to distort the image taken. This distortion was influenced by this tutorial.

Here is a link to all the final files I used for this project including the machine learning data and model for convenience. I also have included all the gists below.

Draw Game:

ML patch:

Distortion Patch: