Final Project – Generative Music Soundscape Matthew Xie

For the final project, I decided to further explore Max MSP’s self-generating music project, a step above of what I created for Project 1. For this project, 8 different designed sounds are ready. 5 are main sounds while 3 acts as special effects. The patch almost acts as a sequencer, with inputs of tempo and ‘beats per bar’. Each bar, a new sound is triggered completely randomly. However, both the frequency and volume of the sound is from analyzing the user’s input through the piano keyboard and other settings. The user is also able to change the sound design of 5 of the 8 sounds through graphs. The piano keyboard also acts as a slider, as both the frequency and volume is set based on where the user clicks it. Other sliders for the 7 different sounds indicate the octave possibility range. From then on, the 5 main sounds are selected randomly. The 3 FX sounds are played also due to chance, yet this chance is a result within the subpatch. The sounds are processed through reverb and delay effects. Furthermore, a stuttering effect is also available, which splits each bar up into 16 distinct ‘steps’ (inspiration from Autechre).

I originally wanted to due a music generative project based off of possibility and an input from the mic. But after researching online and especially finding out about the music group Autechre I changed my mind. I mainly got my inspiration from their patches. Sound designs were learnt both through the youtube DeliciousMaxTutorials and Reference for the reverb subpatch: taken from

Here is a recording sample of the piece being played:


Code as follows: