Small Production Environment – Will Walters Final Project

For my final project, I created what I’m calling a Small Production Environment, or SPE. Yes, it’s a bad name.

The SPE consists of three parts: the first being the subtractive synth from my last project, with some quality of life and functionality improvements. This serves as the lead of the SPE.

The second is a series of four probabilistic sequencers. This gives the SPE the ability to play four separate samples with probabilities specified for each sixteenth note in a four note measure. This serves as the rhythm of the SPE.

Finally, the third part is an automated bass line. This will play a sample at a regular (user-defined) interval. It also detects the key being played in by the lead and shifts the sample accordingly to match.

It also contains equalization equipment for the bass & drum (jointly), as well as for the lead. In addition, many controls are alterable via MIDI keyboard knobs. A demonstration of the SPE is below.

The code for the main section of the patch can be found here. Its pfft~ subpatch is here.

The embedded sequencer can be found here.

The embedded synth can be found here. Its poly~ subpatch is here.

Thanks to V.J. Manzo for the Modal Analysis library, An0va for the bass guitar samples, Roland for making the 808 (and whoever first extracted the samples I downloaded), and Jesse for his help with the probabilistic sequencers.