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Assignment 1 – Amanda Sari Perez

In the above video, I demonstrated the gradual degradation of the speech-to-text feature on my android phone. Using the original text from our assignment, I used Convert Text to Speech V2 on my laptop to convert the text to a sound file. I played the sound from my laptop speakers and recorded it directly to speech-to-text on my phone using facebook messenger (just for speedy transfer back to my laptop).

I fed this text back to the Convert Text to Speech V2 software, and did this loop for 20 iterations. I’d had the phone on my lap for most of the trials, and around version 14, I shifted positions and leaned back in my chair. That change of distance from the laptop speakers introduced more errors into the speech-to-text. I maintained that distance for the rest of the trials, which led to weirder misinterpretations. At the end of the video you can see how drastically the text had changed from the original passage.