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Assignment 2 – Bri Hudock

For this assignment, I wanted to be able to control the color of the timeshifted frames.  I used jit.scalebias and jit.gradient to change the color of my delayed jitter matrix to black and white as well as replace those black and white values with two colors on a gradient.  The two colors could be chosen by the viewer using the color-picker gui.


I also played with the time shifting patch we made in class and replaced the delay variable with a random number from 0-400.  This had a similar effect to the glitch patch we received after last Wednesday’s class.  Instead of including a random frame from the past couple seconds, however, it superimposed a random frame from the last 400 frames on the current frame.  I liked the contrast between how smooth the regularly-colored current video was versus how spazzy and terrifying the colored and delayed glitch frames were.  The effect made it look like I had demons inside me that were clawing to get out.  As for the validity of that perception, I provide no comment.

assignment 2 – random

github normal timeshifting:

github glitch timeshifting:


Also shout out to jit.charmap-twotone.maxpatch in the cycling ’74 jitter examples for help on how to use jit.scalebias and jit.gradient.

Assignment 1 – Bri Hudock

I wanted to see where would take me. is a website that returns the name of an artist it believes you will “dig” based off of your input of the name of an artist you already “dig.”  If you were wondering, yes, this lingo is in fact killing me.

I started with Michael Jackson as the input artist and the original signal.  Then I kept clicking the topmost artist in the list, the only artificial constraint being that I would not select an artist that I had already selected previously.  Then I watched as the ifyoudig system did its magic.

After 45 iterations, the website was beginning to suggest artists like Austrian duo Kruder & Dorfmeister, known for their electronic downtempo sound.

After about 40 more iterations, the website suggested Yonder Mountain String Band, a progressive bluegrass group from Colorado.

I attached a video that takes you through the first 45 iterations by showing the major album of each successive artist/band – all to the backdrop of one of MJ’s most popular tunes.  Then the video jumps to number 85 and includes an audio clip from one of Yonder’s most famous tracks.  This provides you (the listener) with a side by side comparison of the sound of the input signal versus the sound of the output signal after 85 iterations of “feedback” through the system.

link to video