Project Proposal: An assistant for a healthy mind

Title: An assistant to promote a healthy mind.

Existing home assistants improve interaction in the home by using speech recognition and intelligent natural language processing. However, they lack the emotional intelligence needed to listen, motivate and support the user and provide support towards a healthy mind. My project proposes the use of a custom google assistant through AIY voice kit to detect emotion, provide social support and generate empathy in the user.

Proposed plan

  • Build custom Google home
  • Provide an avatar to assistant through the hologram
  • Build custom intents to listen to music, contact social circles actively and passively.
  • Detect emotion from voice or NLP
  • Detect user and location (optional)
  • A private dashboard for others to monitor the mental health of the user. (optional)


  • Old phone/display for assistant
  • Laser-cut transparent plastic
  • AIY Voice kit
  • Hardware neopixels to display assistant mood. (optional)


  • Half a table.


Slideshow on a laptop

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