An interactive music box

An wireless music player with physical interaction to minimize distraction.


Why a music box?

I like to put music on while i’m working, however in this digital age, the “recommendations” and changing between screens can be quite a distraction. A music box with physical interaction should be able to minize that as much as possible, while still kept the interaction entertaining.

How it works:

The music box would come with figurines with RFID tags. When different figurines are put on top of the music box,  different sets of music would play. Ideally, if it can be achieved, the user can put their own music album and make their own figurine.



The final project would be based on the previous assignment where I used touch sensor and Arduino Uno with a simple p5js interface. Here is the basic outline of the project:

  1. Incorporate/test RFID onto the project
  2. Connect speaker to the box instead of using laptop
  3. Refine the music library
  4. Refine the p5js interface
  5. Add the feature where user are able to make their own input
  6. Switch Arduino Uno to a Particle Photon
  7. Add lipo battery and battery shield/battery baby sitter
  8. Make a shell with laser cutted plywood


  1. Arduino Uno/Particle Photon
  2. RFID Reader chip and RFID tags
  3. Wifi base (I might be able to just use my laptop)
  4. Plywood for laser cutted bounding box
  5. Music Pieces (20s-30s per sample)
  6. Lipo battery
  7. Battery shield/baby sitter
  8. Some LEDs for indication
  9. Some buttons for play buttons etc.
  10. A cheap speaker should workout


On the day of the show, I would need a outlet for charging the battery, and a wifi base, which potentially could be my laptop. The speaker won’t be too loud so it should be ok to be somewhat close to other projects.


I probably would put up a slide show on my laptop or some print out handouts/flyers

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