Project 01 — Drawbots


Make a wheeled robot that completes a challenge on a whiteboard table.


  • Solve a Maze
    • BONUS: draw the maze first
  • Draw an algorithmic pattern [A + J]
    • BONUS: make a multi-color marker changer
  • Keep the table clean of marks and debris
    • BONUS: do it with CV and an external camera
  • Trace objects placed on the table [E + O]
    • BONUS: color them in when the object is removed
  • Battle Sumo Bots [Y + C]
    • BONUS: make them controllable by a phone/remote control
  • Draw a Clock
    • BONUS: make it a digital clock


You will design and build your own robots by utilizing distributed parts, materials in the classroom, and the IDeATe facilities. You will form teams of two to accomplish one of the above challenges. Some are more difficult than others, so choose carefully. For an extra challenge, try completing the BONUS for your challenge. You only have a couple of weeks, and a lot to learn, so the focus of your time should be on ideation, not perfection.   This project starts to build your skills in rapid prototyping, basic electronics, kinematics, and basic microcontroller programming.


  • How to program an Arduino
  • Basic Electronics
  • Motors



  • A robot (or robots) that complete the Challenge
  • Documentation
    • A well-documented Git repo of all your code on GitHub
    • Photos of your process work (take these throughout)
    • Photos of your robots both stationary and in action
    • A 30-second video of your robot completing the challenge