Sep. 12 In-class exercise-Johnny, Qiao, Sujay

Arduino Light Sensitive Bar Graph

Team: Johnny Wu, Sujay Kotwal, Qiao Yin

The project uses Light Dependent Resistor or a photocell as the input sensor. The internal resistance of LDR decreases as the intensity of incident light increases. The LDR is connected in a voltage divider circuit with a 10K ohms resistor. Arduino measures the voltage across the LDR at the analog input pins. The input voltage is mapped by arduino and depending on the intensity of light, the mapped and quantized input signal is used to drive the 3 LEDs connected at the digital output pins of arduino. The 3 LEDs give a visual representation of intensity of incident light.

Looking Out 01 – Qiao Yin


The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time. The creators constructed a phantom effect of light with millions calibrated beams.

The visual story follows the journey of a digital form. It begins by passing through the Light Barrier, so that this digital form transcends the limits of its home reality and enters into our physical one. It then explores the possibilities of its new found physicality, whilst attempting to assert its digital identity. Finally, the form travels through the Light Barrier again to pass away to the next reality.

The reason I found it fascinating is that it consists of deliberately calibrated constructions but the visual effect out of light surpasses the physical limitation and creates a gorgeous and phantom-ish feeling, which is beyond those traditional light usage such as projection or physical light tubes.



Spectra-3 by FIELD – Choreographing a physical-digital system

Created by digital design studio FIELD, Spectra-3 is an audio-visual light installation premiering at London’s Lumiere light festival on 14th January, 2016. It is a physical-digital sculpture that tells three stories of communication through a choreography of movement, animated lights and spatialized sound.

It uses a symbol of human seeking for extraterrestrial civilization as the form to present the interconnection among human. And also it’s stunning and visually engaging,  which becomes an Instagram magnet that spurs a social population. The underlying reason for this phenomenon is also worth exploring when it comes to making an installation a social and interavtive attraction.