Looking Out 01



With this project users wear a portable EEG interface on their head which collects brain wave data and maps it to a ceiling grid of steel panels. Tiny hammers, representing the hidden transitory circuits in a human’s body, tap rhythmically onto the backs of steel plates based on the user’s brain activities. As the user attempts to generate more cognitive processes the rhythms are altered. I think Staalhemel is worth talking about because it takes neurological processes which we are otherwise unaware of and develops a tangible art form from that information. Additionally the output is unique for each individual which makes the experience different for each user.

Staalhemel – Steel Sky from Christoph De Boeck on Vimeo.


The Work Comes First


“The Work Comes First” is intended to pay homage to all of the creativity, ingenuity, and patience which goes into developing great work. With this project The Lodge is subtly criticizing how repetitive projection screens and interactive work has become by developing an interactive exhibit which is handcrafted using hardware store materials. Using solenoids and 3-D mapping, users’ hands are tracked and cause the bolts to move in a rippling effect. Overall I think this project is an interesting bridge between emerging media and rudimentary construction.

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