Phys-Digi-Phys In Class Exercise


Pulling in data, manipulating that data with a series of algorithms or interactions, and then translating that modified data into a different medium is at the heart of what we are going after in this class. This mini-exercise will be our first attempt at experimenting with this type of data-flow.
For this exercise, you will need to build and program a simple system that pulls in information about the physical world from a sensor using Arduino, analyzes or modifies that information in Processing, and outputs that information in a physical way, either through light, motion, or sound.

Groups of Two.


  1. Include one or more physical sensors.
  2. Modify or analyze the data coming in from that sensor.
  3. Manipulate the data from the sensor interactively (via keyboard, mouse, audio, etc).
  4. Output that data in a new medium (LED, piezo buzzer, motor, servo, etc.).
  5. Document your experiment and post a video to the blog. Include both partners and a simple hand drawing of how it works.

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