53-472/672 | Carnegie Mellon University | Spring 2023

53-472/672 Advanced Game Studio

  • Silly Little Guys Final Blog

    Final game is done!!! Here we are posing with our sweet friend Daniel <3 Here is the trailer for our game: Here is what we worked on the past week: Programming For programming, we finalized the combat system and put everything together. For the combat system, we added UI for the health bars for […]

  • Silly Little Guys 2023.04.28

    2D Art We continued to vectorize the 2D sketches. We also recolored all of the vectors to make them more visually consistent. All vectors are completed Additionally, we will polish up splash art for the game by release. Programming For the combat scene with the resentful clown, we finished doing the player’s part of the […]

  • Datasuckers FINAL

    We got to MVP, although with quite a bit of rushing at the end. Also, we finally came up with a name for our game: Cyber SleuthClick here for the trailer! Things we have: That was basically what we were shooting for, and we got there. As for the process, there are a few things […]

  • Datasucker 10

    One more week left! We basically have all the 3d models we need, save for any last minute extra animations we want to add. Andrew is working on some scaling issues right now. The accusation is in now. It’s a button that appears when you have met all the suspects currently. No image of it […]

  • Silly Little Guys (4/21)

    2D Art There is not a lot of 2D Art left to do. Currently, we are finishing up the vectorization of the rest of the sketches. Here is the progress on the evil/nice clowns. The rest of the vectorizations will be complete by next week. 3D art We created a mooncake/pastry asset for the ghost […]

  • Datasuckers 9

    We’re a week away from release, and so we’re focusing on final assets, and creating screens for the title and ending of the game. The story is mostly set, subject to some final playtesting, and we are putting assets in for our features like accusing the culprit. We’re also choosing fonts for the game. Currently […]

  • Silly Lil Guys

    UI/UX This week, UI/UX worked on vectorization for new items and a battle start screen. One item we spent a lot of time on was the magic paint brush that the player uses to capture spirits. We began by creating a 3d model of the paintbrush in illustrator so that we would have it in […]

  • Datasucker Beta

    For Beta our big challenge was…making an actual game! To that end we had to take all of the tools, features, and assets we’ve created and stitch together some actual gameplay content. The result is a short, pretty simple mystery for the player to solve with a clear setup and objective, a representative investigation, and […]