Project 2: Real Time is Real

Project 2 will be a performance-based project that combines real-time human performance with real-time computer performance.

The human performance aspect may be using a traditional music instrument or any other kind of sound-making object. It may also be a human performance of an electronic instrument or system.

The computer performance aspect should use some kind of generative/algorithmic/stochastic process to generate or process sound in realtime. This may be processing the sounds of the human performer, or producing some kind of accompaniment.

Project 2 will be presented in class on Monday, Feb 27. Each group should be completely ready to present at the start of class so make sure you are well-rehearsed before then. Your performance can be anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes in duration, whatever is appropriate for your work. As always, carefully consider every aspect of how the work is experienced including the placement of the audience relative to performers/gear, lighting, entrances/exits, etc.

For inspiration I include here art for an album by one of my former teachers in which the artist is seated up a very large cake and holding a synthesizer with a giant clock on the wall behind him. There also seems to be another giant clock underneath the cake. The title of the album is “Real Time” so this is definitely #relevant.