Final Project: Repman

By: Jonathan Dyer, Anatol Liu, Kiran Matharu

YouTube / Jonathan Dyer – via Iframely

This project is a second iteration of the project documented here: Repman Part 1

To improve on this project, we did three main things: improved the appearance of the band, created an app, and improved the signal processing.

First, we improved the appearance by making a more robust button. From our first iteration we learned that users really liked our logo so we decided to make the logo a button. To do so, we had to make the button larger and moved the dumbells from the top of the logo to the side allowing us to cut the logo completely out of conductive fabric. We then used fabric adhesive to attach it to the wristband and conductive thread to attach it to the rest of the circuit.


Second, we created an app that allows the user to interface with the wristband. The user can input values for number of reps, number of sets, and rest period between sets.


Lastly, we improved the signal processing by playing around with various parameters pertaining to the peak detection. The code for both the app and the arduino for the light blue bean can be found here: App/Arduino Code


The circuit diagram is below:

Repman Circuit

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