Week 1 Challenge – ESP8266 OSC Bridge Demo

After some effort, I have successfully configured the ESP8266 as an AP access point, which also has server capabilities. So once you connect to the AP Wifi with iPhone, you can send OSC message to ESP8266 server port using TouchOSC. Then you can easily relay that message to arduino via serial port in order to control the LED. You can find the Arduino code and more information in my Github repository.

Here is the Fritzing breadborad diagram:

Fritzing Diagram


Here is a short demo video:

YouTube / 王乔志 – via Iframely


  1. admin

    Excellent work!
    Would you please provide a README to your repository so that the GitHub page is more clearly self-documenting?

    thank you!


  2. Hugh Dyar

    Hey, I wasn’t able to replicate your results – my CIPSERVER command consistently returns ‘error’, and my phone returns authentication errors. I messed around with it for about an hour trying out different approaches. I tried a few different ESP8266 chips with the same error.

    While it doesn’t seem to be an issue with your code, I’d like to take a chance to check out your setup and see what I’m missing.

    Using the WiFi chip as it’s own hotspot instead of connecting to the phone or another mutual network seems to be just the trick to get serial access to the commands sent to the chip, which was where I got stuck.

    (Oh, your diagram has an error in it, with the LED connection; and the code needs a few of your debugging lines commented out.)


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