Light Capsule


Statement of Objectives

As first timers to physical computing, Ari, a sophomore studying Art and Jacqueline, a senior studying architecture and human computer interaction, we both embarked on a project that conveys the action of light, open and closing, and the revealing of a new idea to the public. With that said, we both played with many ideas before arriving to our final concept. Our first steps were to learn how each sensor works, implement the sensors on one breadboard, choreograph the servos with the paper casing, understand the placement of the sensors in alignment to the 3pi, tackle the showcasing of light, choreograph the robot, and showcase the light capsule under the desk in a room.


In a city where all those who walk the streets are busily occupied by the bustling cars, grandiose stature of the skyscrapers, and crowds of tourists, endless of activities consume the city occupants. With the constant vibrant lights flashing and etching out the brands GAP, UNIQLO, DISNEY, consumers never tire from the trends of the city. The streets glow ever so brightly. City dwellers often never notice that the sky is dark and empty. As two city girls, Ari and Jacki, we felt that we never had the opportunity to experience the stars in the sky. Often distracted by the fun the city had to offer, we never knew what the sky could look like with the endless light from the stars. We missed out on the classic starry night filled with the bright lit stars. To remedy that remorse, we built a light capsule encapsulating the lights for every childhood dreamer.

Technical Implementation

3 servos, 1 3pi, 1 dc motor, 1 12v step up, 1 LED, 1 Mosfet, 1 9v battery



giphy-1 giphy-3

Formulate the motion of the servos. Actuate the motors to our specified directions. Implement three motors.


Get the DC Motor cranking.


Get the servos to move with our paper structure while aligning the orientation.


Get the motor on the board and all constructed on the 3pi.


Assemble all the sensors and the fabricated shells to construct our light capsule.


Assemble the servos to the final product and hope for the best when the servos close the structure and expose the skeleton of the light.


Choreograph the light capsule in a motion that strikes the space while gradually opening and closing the treasured light.

technical documentation

Partner Contributions

Ari actively encouraged the use of sensors and elaborately investigated the needs to push and stabilise the electronics used. She used her breadth of knowledge to utilise the sensors necessary.  She pushed the idea of shadows, lights, and love while grasping the real need of the project. She played with the code and tackled the choreography of the capsule. She tested the breadboard and debugged the electronics.


Jacki actively utilised materials that were relevant to the project. She learned the needs of lights and tackled the function of light, understanding how best to portray the lights through the use of mirror, acrylic and paper. She helped synchronise the sensors to the motion of the capsule. She helped tackle the design of and placement of the sensors while positioning all sensors used.

We both actively investigated the concept while integrating the best use of sensors while carefully understanding what the priorities were given the deadline and met regularly to reiterate the light capsule.

Citations of Related work

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Lasercut file (.3dm)




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