Project Title: Medication Reminder

Project Creator: Adrien Krupenkin

Short Description: Adrien, a student at CMU, created a “remembrall” inspired medication reminder for herself. Based on the time of day, the lights inside the fishbowl would change color. The medication is located within the fishbowl and when opened, the reminder lights turn off. The date and time of the most recent pill taken are saved.

Link to Video: Medication Reminder

Close up of the project!

Response: Adrien posted this project on Instagram and after seeing it, I actually reached out to learn more. It pushed me to take Physical Computing! I love this idea and the attention to detail. Not only is this a reminder, but it also keeps track of when the medication was taken so the user has real data and a piece of mind. In addition, the medication holder is black so in case the user doesn’t want to publicly have their medication out for everyone to see, this is a more subtle alternative. Usually, taking medication can be stressful, but by using elements of color and light, Adrien made it creative and actually quite beautiful. Also kudos for connecting it to Harry Potter!

If I were to make my own version, I would probably try to create the medication-holder out of something more substantial rather than paper for durability.