For this project, we aimed to show the growth and also cycle of life of a blob. The focus was on more of the internal structure of the creature.

For the internal structure we had sown together water beads which we lit internally and externally. The transitions was mainly from the smaller creature eating beads and then a larger creature eating the sleeping smaller creature.

We utilized mechanized forward movement and slightly vibration and external stirring of beads.

Originally we wanted to change the colors of the trees to show seasonal changes and the growth of the blob, but we realized it would be more interesting to see the consumption of the blob and to focus on the internal structure.

Finally the environment we created for the blob was a forest scene with painted backdrop. We felt this environment would work well with changing the lighting for the different times of the day. We adjusted lighting all manually by changing between gels to create different times of the day.

Blob – Stockings, with water Beads.

Sounds – used with pancake mix, egg crates, whistle, recording of birds, jacket, recycled patterned paper