Dancing Cloud Maquette

Inputs: Pressure and Sound

Outputs: LEDs inside balloon cloud

This project is an interactive installation with pressure sensors mapped along the stairs at the main entrance to CFA. When a person steps on each target it turns on different sections of lights within the balloon cloud. When there is nobody stepping on the targets, the lights will react to sounds from the background or another project. Ideally, this reaction will be based on frequencies. If not, it is likely to be based on volume. The balloon cloud will light up with colors like blue, white, yellow, and green to symbolize a thunderstorm. This project is intended to be situated by the stairs near the zebra lounge. Any people passing by can interact with it.

Our maquette demonstrates a small portion of the balloon cloud. The final project will be about 4 times the length and hung horizontally across the stairs not vertically. So far the code for controlling the lights via pressure sensor works great and we are working on the code for the sound input.

To Do List:

  • Order LED strips with protective covers so they don’t pop the balloons
  • Create decals in the shape of targets to put over the resistors (diy)
  • Blow up all of the balloons and attach to string
  • Hand cut wooden blocks with eye hooks for wall attachment using velcro
  • Laser cut box to house electronics ( 1′ x 1′ x 4″) with two holes 1.5″ diameter for wires
  • Cut 20, 21, 21, 22 ft wires
  • Solder longer ~20 ft wires to all of the force sensitive resistors so they can reach the electronics box
  • Make all connections and put it in the box
  • Finalize code for detecting frequencies and volumes to run whenever the pressure sensors are not running
  • Fix colors on LEDs