The idea here is to have a scene of sorts that evolves as the user bikes on an exercise bike. If the user stops biking, the scene dies and can’t be replicated. Kind of inspired by Tamagotchis and loop pedals.

Ideas for the scene:
– A procedural world that slowly grows with complexity
– Something fully acoustic: synthesized chords and music.
– Some on the nose satire about spinning / peloton.
– Just totally abstract visuals
– “Building something” like a pot on a wheel or something like that.

Things to incorporate into the scenes:
– Some sort of dataset visualization stuff, similar to the mattress factory installations with waves and satellites.
– Incorporate 3d scans of living spaces. I think that’s a cool way to get a window into people’s lives.
– Measured data from the user on the bike, like speed, consistency, etc. They could bike with some sort of intention that can change how the scene comes out.
– Camera footage of the user’s face

Idea 2:

Mocap or camera footage or environmental sensors +

Also: restless garden??