Project 1 Time


Using a Clock Kit, and Acrylic Sheet- utilize Laser Cutting, Engraving and Scoring Techniques to create a functional Clock. This Project should illustrate the User’s ability to properly prepare a CAD File within Rhinoceros 3D for Laser Processing.


  • Prepare a CAD File within Rhinoceros 3D for successful processing on Laser Equipment
  • Utilize Application Options, 2D Curve/Polyline and Editing Commands
  • Successfully Export from Rhino, and Import into LaserCut
  • Exhibit understanding of Vector Cutting and Raster Engraving Processes
  • Implement Clock Kit within the Project
  • Maximize Efficiency


  1.  Begin by determining your Tools, Application Environments and Materials :
    1. Tools: Laser System
    2. Applications: Rhinoceros 3D, LaserCut
    3. Materials: *Provided from IDeATe Lending (A29)
      1. Acrylic Sheet : 12″ x 12″ x 1/8″ (304.8mm x 304.8mm x 3mm)
      2. Clock Kit
  2. Begin by creating a Clock-Face in Rhinoceros 3D. The Diameter should fit within your Material boundaries. Attempt to create this Clock-Face on your own, before consulting the Tutorial.
  3. Make it your own: Maximizing the full potential of the Equipment and Software capabilities, includes customizing your final product. Make your clock-face ‘stand out’ by adding details and creating something unique; from traditional Clock-Faces.
  4. Select all geometry you would like to export. Export as [.dxf] or [.ai]
  5. IMPORT into LaserCut on a Local Computer near a Laser System.
    1. Indicate Vector Cutting Geometry and Adjust Vector Cutting Options
    2. Indicate Raster Engraving Geometry and Adjust Raster Engraving Options
    3. DOWNLOAD to Equipment
  6. Assemble: Assemble your Clockwork
  7. Provide (5) Semi-Professional Photos of your work, via IDeATe Gallery.


  1. Rabbit Laser, 80 Watt
  2. Virtual Cluster Macbooks [optional]
  3. Rhinoceros 3D
  4. (1) 12″X12″x.118″ (205mm x 205mm x 3mm) Acrylic Sheet [provided]
  5. (1) Clock Kit [provided]