Project 2 Porous Entity


3D Model and 3D Print a ‘Porous Entity’. Create a Closed Polysurface, with a Volume less than or equal to (4) cu. in.  Edit and customize your Model to exhibit Porous Qualities. Prepare the Geometry in Catalyst EX and submit your file, and a 3D Print form to IDeATe Lending in (A29).


  • Prepare a 3D File in Rhinoceros 3D, Geometry must include a Closed, Solid Polysurface
  • Geometry should measure no more than (4) cu. in. *optional
  • Geometry must exhibit Porous Qualities
  • File must be successfully exported and prepared in Catalyst EX
  • File must be properly submitted to IDeATe Lending (A29)
  • Implement Clock Kit within the Project
  • Maximize Efficiency


  1.  Begin by determining your Tools, Application Environments and Materials :
    1. Tools: Dimension 1200sst
    2. Applications: Rhinoceros 3D, Catalyst EX
    3. Materials:
      1. ABS Plastic
      2. Soluble Support (PLA Plastic)
  2. Begin by ‘sketching’ your ideas on paper. You do not have to make it pretty. Use this as a starting point before you begin 3D Modeling.
  3. Begin creating your 3D Model in Rhino. Draw Curve profiles in the Right View, then front view, then Top View. Use these for reference while you continue developing your Solid Geometry.
    1. Create Surfaces from your Curves
    2. Join your Surfaces together to create PolySurfaces
    3. Continue using Curve, Surface, and Solid Editing Commands to Close your polysurface.
  4. Make it your own: Maximize the full potential of the Equipment and Software capabilities, includes customizing your final product. Make your 3D Model ‘stand out’ by adding details and creating something unique and Porous.
  5. Turn your object into a Mesh (SELECT object, TYPE ‘MESH’ into Command Prompt, ADJUST Tolerance)
    1. Check your Mesh (COMMAND: CHECK)
    2. Fix any issues (*I am available for assistance!)
  6. Select Mesh geometry you would like to export. Export as [.stl]
  7. IMPORT into Catalyst EX on a Macbook.
    1. Create a 3D Printer Profile
      1. ‘MANAGE 3D PRINTERS…’ Button;
      2. ‘ADD MANUALLY’ Option
      3. ‘DIMENSION 1200 SST’ Printer Type
    2. Adjust Preferences in ‘GENERAL’ Tab
    3. Adjust Preferences in ‘ORIENTATION’ Tab
    4. SELECT ‘PROCESS STL’ Button
    5. SELECT ‘ADD TO PACK’ Button
  8. Submit your File for 3D Printing
    1. SAVE [.cmb] File and [.stl] File to a USB Drive (Available in IDeATe Lending)
    2. Fill out a 3D Print Form for Submission
    3. Provide Form and USB Drive to Staff Member in IDeATe Lending (A29)
  9. Provide (5) Semi-Professional Photos of your work, via IDeATe Gallery.


  1. Dimension 1200(es) sst
  2. Catalyst EX
  3. Virtual Cluster Macbooks [optional]
  4. Rhinoceros 3D
  5. (1) Printing Tray [provided]
  6. USB Flash Drive [Available in IDeATe Lending]