Soft Fabrication Fall 2019

Syllabus Fall 2019

Ideate Gallery Link

Slides from Week 1

00 Introduction
01 Hand Sewing
02 Machine Sewing

Slides from Week 2

03 Forming Shapes
04 Knit Crochet Felt

Slides from Week 3

05 Smart Textiles
06 Fabric Surface Manipulations
07 Laser Cutting on Textiles
08 Plotter Cutter on Textiles

Possible Extra

09 Weaving

Laser Cutting Textiles Settings
Soft Fab Patch for laser cutting

Soft Fab Patch for Plotter Cutter

Materials and Tutorials for Smart Textiles

Sewing Machine Manuals

Brother Manual
Janome Manual


Bulk Conductive Fabric
Less EMF

Bulk Conductive Thread
Lame Life saver

Sewable Components


How to Get What you Want

Make: Wearable Electronics (book)

The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff (book)