Two-Speed Manual Transmission Model

This simple transmission has only two speeds and one collar (“dog clutch”):

Here is the model in SolidWorks:

What you need to make the transmission

What to do to make the transmission

  1. Make the differential gears (small gear: 32 teeth; large gear: 48 teeth).
  2. Make the right panel, based on what you see in the shop drawings.
  3. Add the gears to the RedSheet drawing file and the right panel to the ClearSheet drawing file.
  4. Generate and color the DXF files.
  5. Cut your plastic. (Warning: if you don’t do Unite Lines in the laser cutter client, the gears will take much longer to cut.)
  6. Assemble your “pocket transmission” Don’t forget to use Loctite.

Dave Touretzky

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