Group 4 Proof Of Concept

Nancy, Bennett, Ayush, Clarise Drive Folder With Videos: We were able to test the a couple of key moments from the show including the intro, the chinese new years memory, and the christmas memory. We are still working on combining things together and making transitions between each memory. Some of us are using apple
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Group 3 Proof of Concept

Addy Sewack, Deekshita Vedula, Emma Hu, Lauren Platt, Nicholas Clark Video showcasing 4 minutes of introduction, joy, and sadness: In the introduction, we begin the show with white, a combination of all of the colors of all of the emotions. Then we have individual introductions to each color/emotion and see all of the emotions
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Buggy Implementation Plan

Concept overview The “Welcome to Carnival” project involves creating a light and sound show for the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) annual Spring Carnival. The project will consist of multiple parts, including a countdown, three buggy races, and a winner’s circle celebration. The light show will be created using either Pharos or scripting, and the sound
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