1C – Dream Machine – Feral Chair

Group Members: Miles Peyton and Claire Hentschker

Roles: Claire as Designer and Scribe, Miles as Integrator and Tutor


feral(fîr’əl, fěr’-)   Existing in a wild or untamed state, either naturally or having returned to such a state from domestication. 

An exploration of the auditory ramifications of a feral chair.

Behold the feral chair. The once domesticated office chair has sprung free from the grips of the mundane and returns to the wild. It can not be redomesticated. If man attempts to mount the chair its agony is audible to all.


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We are using the accelerometer data from a light blue bean to wirelessly map a series of sounds to its movement. These sounds are then being played through a wireless speaker.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.56.49 AM