People have been questioning whether security camera is considered an invasion of privacy. The current law states that it is not a violation when in public space. But, what if the usage of security cameras and video recording extends to mobile robots? The robots will be able to not only capture and record the surroundings but also analyze the situation using advance technology, such as computer vision and AI.

With this current social issue in mind, I tried to design a robot that seems like it is checking its surrounding continuously, which was intended to evoke a creepy emotion from the audience.

Note, I had issue with Webot where I could not make any adjustment to any of the setting in the hardware (on the left side tree node from the Webot software). Luckily, I found the robot hardware that has similar design to what I was trying to make and used it from the example world given (clock), and adjusted the controller parameters. If the Webot did not have the errors, I was planning to add camera module to the end of the second link and add pedestrians to include human-robot interaction.