Idea 1: Hop Simulator

simulating hoppy urban animals using conventional robotics parts (a drive train and pulley system). viewer can touch the readymade stuff animal / pom pom

Idea 2: Messy Recreation

A drawing robot that doesn’t quite do its job – because of weird gear and wrong technique. For my drawing class we had a assignment to recreate baroque paintings using calligraphy brush and diluted ink on A4 paper, and we are suppose to unsee lines and edges and focus on value. Its a headache

idea 3: idea from last time

Pennsylvania wild flowers interrogating CMU students why their campus is expanding so much so rapidly. Personal: some classes happen in buildings that are very far away, makes me afraid of winter. Option: record a paragraph about how much the uni is expanding, and play it; option 2: display text on face of flower. but either option requires flowers to surround / gang up on 1 singular viewer (not sure how to achieve that nor how much machine autonomy is achievable in this situation)