My first experiment was an extension of something I worked on in class. I wanted to play with the joints in your arm, and basically give myself a couple more elbows. I made my wrist and my knuckles the same size as my elbow, which gave me a nicely creepy monster arm. I used the fabric mainly for its concealing properties.

In my second experiment, I wanted to play with scrunching up fabric, and I first thought that I could use elastics to scrunch up the fabric when your arms were crossed, because to me that was a more scrunchy pose than when they’re hanging naturally. Unfortunately I didn’t get elastics in time, so I used string instead, and the final result wasn’t as successful as I’d like. It also meant that it was scrunching when I had my arms at my side, and relaxed when I had them crossed, but I think that also works in a different way. Maybe I feel more uncomfortable in an open stance than a closed one, and that’s what the shawl reflects.

In my last experiment, I wanted to accentuate my knee bobbing, by making it go higher than normal, but the material I was using weren’t very strong, so although I intended to make a pant leg around the contraption I made, it would have put too much weight on it and it wouldn’t have worked anymore, so I just draped some fabric over it to conceal the innards.