The focus of class today will be getting everybody up to speed on the sewing machines. If you are already skilled, please take the time to review the specifics of our classroom machines and then please attempt the challenge assignment.


Due Mon, Feb 3 by 5PM: Assignment 3: Fabric Mechanism


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  • Review of Assignment 2 results
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  • In-class activity: introduction to machine sewing

In-class Challenge

For those who are already deeply comfortable with machine sewing, we have an in-class challenge: create hinges using nothing but fabric and stitching. You’ll likely want to create stiffened areas using hems or gathers. If you find a solution that works, please make a four-bar linkage with four hinges using these means.

For those of you who are new to sewing machines, we will have series specific skills building lessons for you.


Machine Sewing Slideshow