For this assignment, I wanted to play with the interaction and movement of a hug. Personally, I really like hugs, and I wanted to convey how hugs can make you feel alot more comfortable and open in your surroundings. Because of this, I ended up creating a collar-like shield that is lowered during the hug.

I missed last week’s class on origami inspired structures because I wasn’t feeling too well, so I started this assignment by looking up the miura fold, and by creating some variations of it using just paper. Through these explorations, I came up with a structure that when folded was fairly rigid and vertical, but when flattened out, became horizontal. I decided to recreate the same fold in just cardboard, and then after some changes, made it using both cardboard and fabric, in order to create the collar. During the motions of a hug, the other person ends up flattening a small portion of the fold, which causes the entire collar to drop down.