I wanted to do more with the accordion design I used last time, so I thought I could focus on the action of paying attention to someone, or having a conversation. I was reminded of this face tube thing, the Experience Tube.

“If it’s worth saying it’s worth eye contact”

I thought I would make a long extending accordion that allowed you to link directly to other people’s faces, forcing a more accentuated human connection. The interaction I was focused on was a conversation. It didn’t come out as well as it was in my head, though.

When testing it out, I realized the easiest way to use it was to link it to a nodding kind of motion, or a hanging of the head, which really transformed the way I looked at it. It seemed like more of an avoidance technique than a connection technique. When your head is high, you’re confident and open to interacting with people, and when you hang your head, you’re blocking yourself out and avoiding interactions. I like it.